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Project WAR

The mission to relocate my work space from home to somewhere else came when I realised I had spread myself across 3 rooms which seemed a tad disorganised!

I looked at many potential studio places. Some rural, some city based, some shared but the cost of moving in was almost the same as a small retail unit.

It was an easy decision to make, why pay the same for somewhere that won’t actually generate sales or get the word out about WAR (We Are Rushworth)?

I finally found a small and “bijoux” shop in Berwick Upon Tweed, a lovely historic walled town only 15 miles from my home, it’s on a cute cobbled street, nestled amongst some other independent shops, cafes and the theatre.

The support and comments from customers has been overwhelming, my doubts as to whether this was a good idea are fast evaporating.

I love it now I’m here.

Project WAR has been a success to date. It’s a collection of WAR knitwear and accessories together with designs and products from other independent designers and makers.

We appreciate effort….who doesn’t?

Trying and doing…. always.

Come and see us, we are off the beaten track on 36 West Street, Berwick Upon Tweed, TD15 1AS


When in Florence 

Eat, drink, eat, drink, smoke…maybe? 

The rarity of the ashtray these days in the U.K. made me find the arrival of this near extinct item an odd accompaniment to the wine and nibbles I ordered while on a rooftop bar in Firenze with my 16 year old daughter Morven. 

As an ex smoker I remember the “bad” ole days when ashtrays were  the norm and the coolest of designs were an item for the wedding list..for sure. It was nostalgic to see it back and I appreciated the gesture as an honest, unsaid, “welcome and have a smoke if you want”

I asked M what she thought about the arrival of an ashtray….

Her answer, without a moments pause was “well it’s really bad for you”.

I slurped my wine, stuffed some more crisps and mini arancini in my mouth and thought..yeh that’s the answer I would have given too at that age while power dragging on my Marlboro Red out of the hotel window at every opportunity away from parents. 

As it happens the ashtray remained untouched but the wine, crisps, salted nuts, mini sandwiches, cold mini pasta was demolished, and thereby I left the bar “healthier”. 

That 3.40am calling…..

Back to the blogging board.

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Julia Patton illustrates a few things for us….

  t-shirt sample_flat web

More sketches to join the artist collection of tees within the We Are Rushworth label are from Illustrator Julia Patton.

Julia was introduced to me as a friend of a friend……there is a clearly a theme developing here!

 miltaryweb site

Our British Bulldog.

horror_robot head.smallweb

Scary Robot?

Travel _you are here.smallweb

Where am I?

science_space diagram.smallweb

Now we know what space looks like?

To maintain the uniqueness of the We Are Rushworth label it is important to me that the Artist/Illustrator creates characters in their own styles but with a focus on our Brand values.

We enjoy finding our own way

We look at things differently

We are not perfect

We have imagination

We find honesty refreshing

We appreciate effort

We dare look over the edge

We have alter egos

We are sharp

We aim high

We have teeth

We are not for everyone

Here is a little bit about Julia

“I am an internationally published children’s book illustrator and greeting card designer with a passion for cutting n sticking *snip snip*.

My studio is an old wood-shed in Northumberland where I climb trees, grow vegetables and dream of being a long-necked-quack when I grow up”

Julia X

For more info on Julia head here:-

Our 2013 designs by Iain Campbell.

We are very excited to introduce you to our unique illustrations by artist Iain Campbell.

There is nothing like a friend of a friend….especially one that is as creative as Iain.

Before I introduce the sketches, here is a wee bit about the man himself.

“In Britain, as well as freelancing I worked full time for babygro Ltd producing kids garment graphics for Marks & Spencers. 8 years ago I left a secure government graphics post and moved to Northern Finland with my wife (who is Finnish) and our son, who at the time was only a year old.

We’ve since had another son who is now 5.

We live in a rickety, old, wooden house that is gradually being rebuilt through summers without darkness and winters which hit -30 degrees C.

Since moving here, I have illustrated 11 books, including an award winning series of schoolbooks, and worked on magazine covers, fabric designs and T-shirt graphics.

In my spare time I regularly amuse and confuse the locals with my terrible approximation of their language”

Love this beetle with “Da Bomb” sketched on the side..stirs up memories from childhood including cartoons such as Wacky Races, The Adventures of Herbie, Pink Panther, Top Cat you know the ones…


Chopper or Grifter? Those were the days.


This fiercely determined roller skating girl is clearly on a mission, although pleased to see she has all the necessary safety equipment on. One for all you lassies out there, small and big who are more this and less…well you know…girly!


Check out Iains website at


Beach Art by Oliver Rushworth

Dad thought he was going to have a relaxing lie down after playing beach rugby. However, Oliver, never being one to miss an opportunity to express himself decided to make a sculpture from some driftwood and …..Dad. Always good to have a video camera on hand to capture this serious evolution worthy of the Tate Modern.

My kids love their pocket pen knives. Do yours?


The coming of age amongst the kids has involved allowing them to choose their own mini penknives. This has freed up many minutes (sometimes hours) for us parents in search of appropriate sized screwdrivers to open up the endless number of toys, remote controls, torches etcetera and replace batteries which seem to be necessary for all kids paraphernalia these days…

The good ole pocket penknife has also come to the rescue when extracting that incredibly painful but miniscule splinter, with its tiny tweezers (which inevitably get lost). Not to mention the lemonade (lets be honest – Dads beer) bottle opener, and for those of us with sensory issues, the nail file when we half rip the toe nail kicking the can, ball or sibling who has the ball/can/last piece of barbecued chicken.

The scissors we are often found brandishing in cafes and restaurants which come in handy for those lethal sauce sachets. Only  “Jaws” from James bond can open these with his teeth and even then the added risk of blinding yourself with the inferior vinegar/sauce/mayonnaise is a good enough reason to keep the pocket pen knife handy when eating out.

Of course, there are the obvious needs for a pocket penknife, such as cutting industrial strength plastic ties found attached to clothing, carving your initials and perhaps someone else’s on a tree after climbing as high as you can, because its a secret after all! Peeling your apple (no one likes apple peel except rabbits), cutting the crusts off your bread (no one likes crusts except the dog, chickens, birds and those wanting curly hair)..

Oh and making spears, now you never know when you might need them. A good reason to carry a hairband with you at all times….



Saying goodbye to a friend. I wasn’t ready.

I think it’s time to go.

Won’t you stay a little longer?

No, must dash.

But you seem to be having fun?

I am, I was, I mean it’s been great but I really must head off.

Well only if you’re sure cos we’ll miss you.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s been great, I’ve loved every minute of it…the walks, the holidays, the bike rides through the forest, the afternoon sleeps together on the sofa, the left over beef casserole.

Oh I’m really pleased you enjoyed it cos we did and we hoped you did too.

I really must go now…

How about one last walk, afternoon snooze, snack?

I wish I could but I can’t sleep well anymore and walking is really hard because I don’t see well now and eating just isn’t easy, I’ve forgotten how to….

Is there anything we can do for you?

No.  Really.  You’ve done more than enough.      I know you know it’s time I went.

I do, but it’s hard to say goodbye even when I see your head hurts and you have trouble drinking and eating, and you’ve lost your way around the house. 

Yeh it’s true, I ain’t getting any better.

But I thought you were happy.

I don’t know anymore..I can’t.

How about one last walk?


You like going for walks. 

Do I?

The house will feel empty without you.


I can’t bear to see you like this!

Head hurts! Thirsty! Can’t drink!

We love you and will miss you forever!


But I don’t think I am ready.

I am.

Goodbye Fred..


Why we need to be curious?

Thanks Bob Sanderson for sharing this article with me.

Close to the W.A.R team’s heart and the root of my inspiration for the clothing brand.

Let your kids be curious, it will be messy, noisy and occasionally smelly but definitely necessary.

Asking “why” is a good thing.

We Are Adventurous

We Look At Things Differently

We are Not Perfect

We Have Imagination

We Dare Look Over The Edge

We Enjoy Finding Our Own Way

We Are Rushworth

We Are Rushworth - Color Film - GAF 500 (modified) hue -20%We Are Rushworth - Color Film - GAF 500 (modified)

Watch this video to find out more


Victoria Rushworth

Should Meggings come with a “May contain” warning or is it all a load of boll@*&s?


Is it only me or is anyone else out there a tad uncomfortable when at the Panto with the kids?

“Oh Lord…Man bumps. Don’t snigger, act your age”

I dont mean the innuendos and cheeky jokes, or the hard seats.

“Really?  What no skirt,no frills,no large belt?’

No no no, much simpler  than that…Its the men in tights who boldly prance around the stage.

“Eyes up eyes up”

This got me thinking about the supposed new craze of men in leggings, otherwise known via the urban dictionary as “meggings”.

“I really hope it doesn’t move”

And whether or not it would take off in these colder parts of the world?

” snake, budgie in a hammock, hot dog, meat and two veg..STOP”

I decided to take to the streets in search of the man in meggings.

I approached this task in a similar fashion to searching for a lost dog, with or without his bone!  A guy in leggings, they need to eat and drink, but I cant see them dropping into the local boozer, well not around these parts anyway. I blended in and hit the spots where I thought I might find them “hanging out” together. Cafes, wine bars, megging shops (couldn’t find any), museums, book shops, department stores, the nail bar, the chocolate bar, the champagne bar…okay I admit the last few were more for me.

There were some near sightings such as ladies in leggings, and some joggers in running trousers.

In one last attempt for some feedback on this I posted this lack of sightings on my Facebook page, to have a friend say ” thats northeners for you”. Sensible you mean?

Not to mention…I tentatively asked a local tractor driver if he would wear them to which the response included the words “dead” and “body”.

I am no forecaster of fashion trends but I would wager that megging wearing chaps won’t risk the colder climates of the north for obvious reasons.

Screen Shot 2013-01-24 at 12.25.48

I am all for wearing what you want and being a bit out there, but some things should just NOT be out there.

Therefore, my advice to you would be this…”Life can be a bit of a pantomime…but if you are going to wear meggings in public then  “shake well after use”  and make sure there is a clear warning of “may contain nuts” across the back.

Love you. x