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Our 2013 designs by Iain Campbell.

We are very excited to introduce you to our unique illustrations by artist Iain Campbell.

There is nothing like a friend of a friend….especially one that is as creative as Iain.

Before I introduce the sketches, here is a wee bit about the man himself.

“In Britain, as well as freelancing I worked full time for babygro Ltd producing kids garment graphics for Marks & Spencers. 8 years ago I left a secure government graphics post and moved to Northern Finland with my wife (who is Finnish) and our son, who at the time was only a year old.

We’ve since had another son who is now 5.

We live in a rickety, old, wooden house that is gradually being rebuilt through summers without darkness and winters which hit -30 degrees C.

Since moving here, I have illustrated 11 books, including an award winning series of schoolbooks, and worked on magazine covers, fabric designs and T-shirt graphics.

In my spare time I regularly amuse and confuse the locals with my terrible approximation of their language”

Love this beetle with “Da Bomb” sketched on the side..stirs up memories from childhood including cartoons such as Wacky Races, The Adventures of Herbie, Pink Panther, Top Cat you know the ones…


Chopper or Grifter? Those were the days.


This fiercely determined roller skating girl is clearly on a mission, although pleased to see she has all the necessary safety equipment on. One for all you lassies out there, small and big who are more this and less…well you know…girly!


Check out Iains website at


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