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My kids love their pocket pen knives. Do yours?


The coming of age amongst the kids has involved allowing them to choose their own mini penknives. This has freed up many minutes (sometimes hours) for us parents in search of appropriate sized screwdrivers to open up the endless number of toys, remote controls, torches etcetera and replace batteries which seem to be necessary for all kids paraphernalia these days…

The good ole pocket penknife has also come to the rescue when extracting that incredibly painful but miniscule splinter, with its tiny tweezers (which inevitably get lost). Not to mention the lemonade (lets be honest – Dads beer) bottle opener, and for those of us with sensory issues, the nail file when we half rip the toe nail kicking the can, ball or sibling who has the ball/can/last piece of barbecued chicken.

The scissors we are often found brandishing in cafes and restaurants which come in handy for those lethal sauce sachets. Only  “Jaws” from James bond can open these with his teeth and even then the added risk of blinding yourself with the inferior vinegar/sauce/mayonnaise is a good enough reason to keep the pocket pen knife handy when eating out.

Of course, there are the obvious needs for a pocket penknife, such as cutting industrial strength plastic ties found attached to clothing, carving your initials and perhaps someone else’s on a tree after climbing as high as you can, because its a secret after all! Peeling your apple (no one likes apple peel except rabbits), cutting the crusts off your bread (no one likes crusts except the dog, chickens, birds and those wanting curly hair)..

Oh and making spears, now you never know when you might need them. A good reason to carry a hairband with you at all times….



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  1. Tim #

    Interesting post. Thanks for sharing.
    Most kids at some point love a penknife.

    October 8, 2013
  2. Thank Tim. They do indeed, and even us big kids. Some people so caught up in the “knife” part and forget what a great tool it is.

    October 10, 2013

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