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A Leap of Faith – My first attempt at a blog

I was invited to write a guest blog for Gunsgreen House in Eyemouth. You can read it on their website at

You may or may not have heard of hip new (and local!) clothing brand ‘We are Rushworth‘ set up by Victoria Rushworth. The brand promises to be exciting and adventurous, for a generation of ‘triers and doers’. Here, Victoria tells us about setting up her brand, and taking the next step…

“The only thing that’s certain is the unexpected” by We Are Rushworth

Watching Felix Baumgartner do his skydive a few weeks ago made me ponder on “why?”. What was going through his mind just before he jumped? Did he think of backing out? How much physical preparation did he do? Years? Months? What kind of psychological training was there, if any? Do these feats take a unique kind of person to achieve and attempt? Could I do it?

Baumgartner may be one of a kind but every day people take leaps, that for them, are just as huge. I used to think the same about people who ran their own businesses. The same questions…How long had they been planning it? How much help did they need? Who guided them? Could I do it?

A leap of faith. That is what we take when we venture out into the unknown. All the preparation and information gathering, business plans, training and risk assessments can prepare you for the plunge, but the only thing thats certain is the unexpected.

When Kara at Gunsgreen House invited me to write a guest blog I thought about my little leap into starting a clothing brand, The “Why?” isn’t always straight forward or obvious, other than it’s just something I have always wanted to do. Perhaps spurred on by one of those round numbered birthdays… it was a tattoo or this. I wasn’t sure which would cause me the most pain, so I went for the less permanent option.

With business plans, story boards, lots of enthusiasm and determination I headed to a branding expert with the expectation of both negative and positive outcomes. As it happens the outcome was a good one and I was and continue to be pleasantly surprised at the advice and encouragement there is out there for small businesses, not to mention the fantastic support amongst local businesses in Berwickshire.

For example…when looking for inspiration I often take a walk along the cliff, stop for a coffee in Oblo bar and bistro, pop in to see Kara at Gunsgreen House,  join in a Burlesque Class with the gorgeous Rosa La Rouge, then head home clutching fish and chips from Giacopazzi’s for the kids.  Or I could drop the little ones off at pocketful Kids and wander around Eyemouth Museum, with a Surf lesson at Coldingham Bay to finish me off!

The people behind these amazing ventures  are but a few of the lads and lassies who have also taken a leap of faith. We have all felt that first step out of the aeroplane, but I am reassured that in those dark moments when I am hurtling towards the ground with no visibility, there are lots of people who have gone before me who are on hand with advice and support.

In the words of Soren Kierkegaard “Thinking can turn toward itself in order to think about itself and skepticism can emerge. But this thinking about itself never accomplishes anything.” In other words…GO FOR IT? Could I do it? Yes I can – and I did.

Maybe I am still in free fall, waiting to see where I land. But once you have made the leap nothing is quite so scary. And  if all else fails – that tattoo is still an option.

Big thanks to Barbara Henderson of Wordsoup, Berwick upon Tweed for unlocking my inner blogness.

Written by Victoria Rushworth

Studied at Scottish College of Textiles.

Which led to working within the colourful world of the rag trade.

Creator of We Are Rushworth

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